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Kick Start Lightning Experience in 2017

Lightning Experience is a modern CRM user interface optimized for speed. A component-based framework that allow you to build reusable components to customize the Lightning Experience. Drag-and-drop technologies for fast and easy app building & customization. You can create a custom Lightning tab that points to your component and include that tab in your Salesforce1 Mobile navigation. We already have Visualforce components, they are page-centric and most of the work is done on the server. Lightning is designed from the component up, rather than having the concept of a page as its fundamental unit. Lightning Components are client-side centric, which makes them more dynamic and mobile-friendly. You can also use Lightening Components in Visualforce Pages, see this.

User interface has been modernized at long last, with a unified experience across multiple platforms & best part is generally available for all editions at no additional cost. Unsupported versions are :
  • Personal Edition
  • Contact Manager Edition
  • Edition
  • Edition

Also you need to check Licenses that support or not:
Supported Licenses
  • Salesforce
  • All Salesforce Platform and (excluding Free)
  • Identity User
  • Company (Employee) Community
  • Chatter External
  • Chatter Plus
  • Chatter Free
Unsupported Licenses
  • Customer Community
  • Customer Community Plus
  • Partner Community
  • All Portal licenses
  • Free
  • Content Only
  • Ideas Only
  • Knowledge Only
  • Only

Currently Salesforce focused Lightening toward sales teams, although Lightning Experience will expand to include more features in upcoming releases, evaluate how important these upcoming features are to your business needs right now. Keep in mind that you can enable Lightning Experience for a subset of your users. This flexibility means you can move your Sales team to the new interface now, but have your Service org continue using Salesforce Classic. Or you can opt to run a Lightning Experience pilot with a small group of users without disrupting everyone else until you know that the new experience provides what you need. 

Before switching to Lightening do compare with classic and your current functionality should available in lightening. Please go through this link for all details.

If your organization doesn’t use Chatter, several aspects of the Lightning Experience interface aren’t available. Learn how Lightning Experience changes, and see if you’re losing functionality that you’d rather not live without. If you turn off Chatter for your entire organization or for a subset of users via permission sets:
  • Feeds and groups aren’t available.
  • User profiles are still available, but feeds and groups aren’t available on profiles.
  • The Collaboration tab isn’t available on records.
  • Users can’t follow records or other users.

You need to add a Custom Domain to your Org with My Domain and Deploy to Users.

From Setup in Salesforce Classic, click Lightning Experience. On the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant page, click the Lightning Experience button to set it to Enable.

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Navneet kumar bisfi madhubani bihar

Navneet bisfi madhubani bihar

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Navneet Software consultant from delhi

Navneet kumar Software consultant from delhi

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Nabu Nabbu Software Engineer bisfi madhubani bihar

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